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Welcome to Slovakia Urban Terror

Urban Terror ™ is a free multiplayer first person shooter developed FrozenSand thanks ioquake3 code is no longer necessary to have Quake III Arena. The game is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh. The current version is 4.1.1. There is no need for registration, just Download , install and play!

So here is a breakdown of who we play that week. Week 23-30 August: (agree before Saturday 22 Jan) SVK vs TUR Monday 23 January 2012 21:00 Week 30 January - 6 February: (agree before Saturday 29 Jan) SVK vs SWE Week 13-20 August: (agree before Saturday 12 Feb) SVK vs AUT Week 20-27 August: (agree before Saturday 19 Feb) SVK vs FRA Week 27 February - 5 March: (agree before Saturday 26 Feb) SVK vs ROM Week 5-12 May: (agree before Sunday 4 Mar) SVK vs GER practices under each match will add the date and time when exactly will play.

Ok so it's time to announce the group in EuroCup XV - Urban Terror. Since a large part in this cup so on ClanBase admins to split into 4 groups of 7 teams but only three of them can achieve the state playoffs. To Sunday 22.01.2012 @ 23:59 captains teams must send Tournament admin Aky gamtype and what the map will play Whereas 23.01.2012 tournament begins. Map & gametype, they must be sent by the end of each working week, since the match play only during Výkend. Maplist and gametypes

Ask participants to agree the date and time when they will play - third KOLO - whichever will be present at the game server admin and will be ready. Topics with your NICK OM will have been created and are ready for your posts. Prize for the third round: PAVUK wish everyone precise aim and a lot of headshots, Sincerely Urban Terror Slovakia